About Us
About Our Business
Owners Chris & Christine
We are a family owned company that strives to offer excellent
customer service at reasonable prices.  Having been in the
industry for 16 years, we have seen how this industry can help
individuals and families in moments of crises.  We
understand emergencies and will do our best to help you get
them under control.

Our employees continue their education in this field by taking
refresher courses yearly to stay abreast of new products and
changes in code.  This is critical as building and construction
codes are fluid, and staying on top of current changes is
necessary to satisfy state inspections for new construction or
remodels, and for buying or selling your property.

We offer a Senior Citizen & Single Mom discount with the
option of payment terms for this customer group.  We honor
our Seniors & Single Moms for the sacrifices they have made
& make.  Payment terms and a discount is for this customer
group only.  Normal payment terms are payment in full upon
receipt of service.  

We accept Visa, Master Card, Cash or Check.

3 Dog Plumbing financially supports the work of Rabbi
Grossman at Migdal Ohr in Israel.  For more information you
can view the link below.
"I will bless those who bless you..."